About the digital exhibition

This digital exhibition has been created as part of a Wellcome Trust Research Resources project to arrange, catalogue and preserve  the records of the Glasgow School of Cookery, the West End School of Cookery and the Queen's College, Glasgow (formerly the Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic Science) held by Glasgow Caledonian University Archive Centre. 

The exhibition pulls together some of the fascinating stories and images that I found while working on the project. I hope that you too enjoy looking through it and that it will inspire you to search the catalogue and find some of the other gems from the Collections that couldn't be included here.

Kirsty Menzies, Senior Project Archivist

Created by Glasgow Caledonian University Archive Centre as part of the Wellcome Trust Research Resource funded project.

Using the digital exhibition

The exhibition has three sections (exhibits) which you can explore from the Browse Exhibits tab:

  • Philanthropic foundations
  • Teaching the students
  • Reaching the public

Each exhibit opens on its first page and you can use the right hand menu to navigate to other pages.

If you click on an image you will be taken to the 'item' with details about the archive record for that document.  Files displays thumbnail images of all the digitised documents from the same archive file. Clicking on any of these take you to the full-sized image. The Identifier provides a link to the full record in the AtoM online catalogue. This will open in a new window.

Browse Items allows you to see a list of all 'items' and you can narrow these down by using the Browse by Tag or Search Items options.


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